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Welcome to Silicon Academy

SiLab is the innovation center of Araz Silicon Industries in innovative and creative silicon startups which will be effective in building the future by supporting and empowering the elites and developing advanced technologies. SiLab is innovation and investment center of Araz Silicon Industries which invests in high-tech startups with the focus on silicon value chain. Creative and innovative startups which care the development of silicon products especially polymers and improvement of extraction processes of polysilicon, wafer, solar cell and silicon polymers. In SiLab Academy, workshops and training courses are held and the aim of academy is to create a space where talented people in this field communicate with each other and use their talents and abilities to improve technological infrastructure and develop technology. In SiLab Academy, leading and experienced domestic and foreign professors and teachers are invited for teaching and holding the courses. Technology development with the goal of supporting scientific studies and projects and solving the challenges existing in the industry is one of the main activities of SiLab which results in production and development of new silicon products with advanced technologies. Domestic and international patent of the new products is performed in line with these activities. One of the other main activities of SiLab is the invitation of young entrepreneurs to create and develop new businesses. To achieve this goal, a program titled “SiLab Startup Camp” is held once every year. In this program, persons enroll individually and after their resumes are reviewed, they are invited to attend the Startup Camp to create their startups and reach them to implementation and market stage. Market of silicon polymers-based products and development of technologies to produce them as well as improving production methods of polysilicon and wafer is very lucrative in today’s world. Interestingly, in this science and technology ecosystem, manufacturing factories are ahead due to being newly-founded. In fact, Araz Silicon Industries as the flagbearer of industrial silicon production in the Middle East attempts to add to the production and expansion of products based on this basis by gaining ever increasing knowledge. As we have launched a knowledge based factory, we intend to have an impact in building the future by using SiLab potentials across silicon chain path which brings about the participation of many elites. Startups which have reached to products and are getting closer to the stage of entering the market attract capital from SiLab. In addition to invest in domestic manufacturing startups, SiLab investment team meticulously reviews the startups which work on silicon value chain.

Your best + My best = Our best

SiLab Silicon Startup Camp is a startup program in which university students, specialists and activists of specialized field are invited to build their teams and develop their products with the support of Araz Silicon. In this program, accepted people enter a product development phase after attending in a team building course and choosing their teams. During the program, established teams benefit from services which can be effective in their success as a startup and enter the market more quickly by using them. If your expertise is in the fields of electricity power engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, energy, mechanics and/or mine, you can attend in this program and build your technology-driven startup with the help your teammates and collaboration of SiLab.

Building network among talented, active, dynamic and skillful individuals and groups in the industry together with training, workshop and events

SiLab Academy has been created with the aim of building a network among talented individuals in the field of technology and products of silicon value chain. In SiLab Academy, training courses, workshops and events are held which the purpose of these activities is to train individuals interested in these fields. Araz Silicon Industris Academy identifies the talents using the knowledge and experience of the specialists of successful businesses and turns them to effective future leaders and creates wealth from the ideas.

Investment process by Araz Silicon Industries is as follows: the applicant sends their team resume and activity description through Investment Request Form and SiLab goes through the following process to review and invest:

  • Initial review of files sent and making contact for holding initial technical meeting
  • Technical assessment and decision-making in investment committee
  • Meticulous assessment (technical, financial, legal and business)
  • Deciding on investing in the relevant project in the Board’s meeting
  • Commencement of the process to negotiate with the capital applicant
  • Concluding the investment contract

Technological research and development department of Araz Silicon has been founded with the aim of removing the near and far future challenges of the industry by using the studies and theses of university students in different degrees and is the connecting bridge between different university students and researchers and the industry and technological companies, including SiLab, by explaining research moder method in the country. Objectives of this center are:

  • Creating a long-term social impact using the studies of researchers
  • Making a new economic model based on practical researches
  • Making researches practical in order to create new technologies in the world and improve production methods
  • Creating an appropriate ground for transferring innovative technologies to the industry and manufacturing technological products
  • Orienting the researches to achieve real results