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We can live without gold, and without diamond as, but we cannot definitely live without silicon its compounds. If we search all the history, few materials are found that have made our world dependent to themselves as much as silicon has made. Today, silicon is used in almost everything we use from mobile phone and laptops to TVs and even children’s toys and doors and windows and vehicle bodies and is somehow the leader of industry development. Silicon or cilcium (in French) with chemical sign of Si is a chemical element in the family of pseudo-metals which is placed in 14th group and 3rd period of the Periodic Table of Elements. This element is a crisp and hard crystalline solid which a bright blue-gray color. Atomic number of this element is 14 and has 4 electrons in its valence shell. Atomic mass of silicon is 28.086 and has three stable isotopes. Reactivity of this element is less than non-metallic carbon which is in the same group and above this element. But its reactivity is more than pseudo-metal Germanium placed below it. Density of this substance is around 2330 kg/m3 and is solid in its natural state. Its melting point is around 1414 ̊C and has a boiling point of 2900 ̊C.

Most of silicon which used commercially is operated without any separation and a very little processing is carried out on its natural compound. In building and ceramic production industry sector, the same approach exists when using clay, sand and silicon stones as well. Silicates are used in Portland Cement to make plaster and cement mortars and they are used for making concreate by mixing them with siliceous sand and gravels. Another use of silicon is in making some white colored ceramics such as porcelain, traditional soda-lime glasses based on quartz, and so on. Silicon carbide is one of the more recent compounds of silicon which is used as an abrasive and in making high-resistant ceramics. Silicon element with written form of “SILICON” is the basis for making versatile synthetic polymers called Silicone, with the written form of (Silicone) or polysiloxanes.

Most of free silicon is used in steel refinery and aluminum casting industries and many sensitive chemical industries (like smocked silica). Less than 10 percent of silicon is used in making semi-conductors. This silicon which has been purified greatly (has a high purity degree) perhaps plays the most important role in the global economy, because electronics industry, making circuit chips and as a result, making most of computers depend on it. Silicon is a very important element in biology as well. Although, it seems that very little amount of it is required in animals’ bodies. Many species of sea sponges need silicon for structure of their bodies. Also, silicon and silicic acid have a vital role in the metabolism of plants, especially grasses. Classification of silicon metal is usually made based on its iron, aluminum and calcium content. Thus, given iron, aluminum and calcium content in silicon metal, its types have been specified.

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The goal of implementing the project is to create an silicon metal production unit:

Types of solid silicon with metallurgical grade with annual capacity of

50,000 Tons

Micro silica powder with annual capacity of

14,000 Tons

Is located at Khoy Industrial Park in Khoy Province. The land for implementing the project is located at 2nd Phase of Khoy Industrial Park and its area is more than 171 thousand square meters. In the first phase of the project, around 30 thousand square meters will be occupied by the project.

The nominal capacity of the project is equivalent to 50,000 tons of all types of silicon metal and 14,000 tons of micro silica powder per annum which, considering the capacity of furnaces purchased in the project, exploitable capacity (actual capacity) of the project is equivalent to 40,000 tons of all types of silicon metal and 12,000 tons of micro silica powder. Despite the fact that this product (silicon metal) is a strategic one, this product has been implemented for the first time in the country and right now, Araz Silicon Industry Campus Complex operates as the strongest team in the country in the field of production of silicon metal and by implementing phase 1 of the factory, a large part of project know-how has been localized.