Know-How Solution & Services

We are the solution

In practice, we are your colleague in providing technical proposals and intend to make your engineering process simpler. That is why we provide technical support services of engineers in different engineering field and help the engineers in assessing and choosing the solution and products

Experienced technical engineers and specialists of Araz Silicon Industries shake hands with your colleagues to help you by giving advice and training the designing solutions for unique applications.

Preparing feasibility study, operation description, list description and/or preparing the documents in works related to technologies of silicon value chain can be difficult, but we are with you in this field so that you can prepare the documentations faster and easier.

We are fully ready to provide appropriate engineering and economic solutions for designing, procuring and making your products in the fields related to electricity industry, renewable energy, and mine and to have joint collaborations with you, particularly pertaining to metal silicon, industrial silicon, aluminum alloys, polysilicon, silicon polymers, wafer, solar cells, solar panel and solar power plant.

In addition to provide specialized engineering services in the fields of electricity, energy and mine, Araz Silicon Industries helps you to redefine your needs and wishes. We feel that employers are in need of some designing solutions to achieve their needs. Tell us your ideas for building and we provide a designing solution fitting your needs and budget. What distinguishes us from other groups is paying attention to technical, engineering, economic and social stability of the plan.