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SiLab is the innovation center of Araz Silicon Industries in innovative and creative silicon startups which will be effective in building the future by supporting and empowering the elites and developing advanced technologies. SiLab is the innovation and investment center of Araz Silicon Industries which invests on high-tech startups with the focus on silicon value chain. Startups which has reached to product and getting closing to the stage of entering the market attract investment from SiLab. Also, investment team of Araz Silicon Industries carefully examines the startups working with silicon value chain in addition to investing on domestic production startups

Investment process by Araz Silicon Industries is as follows:
The applicant sends their team resume and activity description through Investment Request Form and SiLab will go through the following process to review and invest:
⦁ Initial review of the files sent and making contact for holding the initial technical meeting
⦁ Technical assessment and decision-making in Investment Committee
⦁ Meticulous assessment (technical, financial, legal and business)
⦁ Make decision regarding investing in the relevant project in the Board’s meeting
⦁ Commencement of the process of negotiating with capital applicant
⦁ Concluding the investment contract 

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