Araz Silicon Our Story

After more than two decades of knowledge-based entrepreneurship, Azar Silicon Campus Company was established in Mehr 1398 (September 23 – October 22, 2019) by a group of elites of the country’s scientific Olympiads and domestic specialists with the vision to create complete chain of silicon industry from initial product, that is, silicon to production downstream products. Right now, the first stage of the company’s road map, that is, silicon production factory is being constructed in Khoy Industrial Park located at West Azerbaijan Province in Phase 3 with a nominal capacity of 50,000 tones. It is hopped the first phase of this factory reaches full operation in 2022 by the efforts of domestic specialists and contractors. Right now, this factory is being operated with capacity of 15,000 tones.

Given daily increase in clean energy demand (especially solar energy according to radiation potentials in Iran) and increase of living standards as well as increasing growth of industries based on silicon element, the necessity to develop silicon value chain in the country is inevitable. Replacing the sun’s energy as the greatest resource of clean and inexpensive energy in the world and using silica stone=based raw materials in the industry has caused Araz Silicon Industries to take basic measure in the field of producing raw materials of solar cells and the relevant industries and then to establish solar power plants considering its ability and practical and scientific experiences in the past. In line with this, large complex of factories to produce silicon metal, polysilicon, solar cells and solar panels will create a lot of jobs in addition to preventing currency exit.

⦁ 1) First phase of Araz Silicon metal Production Factory with the annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of silicon metal will be ready for operation by the end of 1401 (March 20, 2023) and right now, first two furnaces with the production capacity of 15,000 tons per year is ready fro operation. Therefore, Araz Silicon is considered as the first producer of silicon metal in the Middle East.
⦁ 2 & 3) Designing, feasibility study and estimates of the project to establish the factory for producing poly silicon, ingot and wafer has been conducted and the stage of procuring and constructing the factories for producing polysilicon, ingot and wafer will be begun at the same time with the completion of development stage of Silicon metal Factory and annual production of 40,000 tons of silicon metal.
⦁ 4) The know-how required for designing the operational process of solar cell production in the country is available in Araz Silicon Industries Company and has been envisaged in 10-year Vision Document as future priorities.
⦁ 5) Designing, feasibility study and estimates of the plan to establish a solar panel production factory with annual capacity of 1,500 Mega Watt for two 750-Megawatt phases have been completed. This project will be operationalized after ensuring the stability of necessary consumer market in the country. Also, practical and scientific experiences of Araz Silicon team in establishing the first and the largest current solar panel production factory of the country with the annual capacity of 230 Mega Watt make it possible to improve technical and engineering processes of establishing panel production factory in shortest time.
⦁ 6) By developing and completing the above mentioned value chain, establishing solar power plants in the country will be significantly advanced in financial, time, technical and executive terms. On the other hand, valuable experiences of Araz Silicon team and cooperating in designing, procurement and execution of more than 70 Megawatt of solar power plants of the country heralds the establishment of solar power plants with the best quality and in the shortest time.

companies established by Araz Silicon management team

Records pertaining to the field of renewable energies of Araz Silicon

⦁ Entering into solar industry of the country in the form of one of the country’s oil holdings
⦁ Developing solar power plants with the cooperation of Pasargad Bank and Fanab Company
⦁ Executing more than 2.3 Megawatt solar power plant in the country in the form of the above cooperation during 3 years
⦁ Establishing Taban Company
⦁ Establishing Taban Panel Production Factory with the capacity of 200 Megawatt in year
⦁ Establishing Partou Energy Company
⦁ Membership in Science and Technology Park of Sharif University
⦁ Membership in SATBA Standard Committee
⦁ Membership in Energy Group of Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran
⦁ Establishing the first solar farm with maximum native capacity by Taban, Partoo and Mahan Companies
⦁ Introduced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the first and only exporter of technical and engineering services in solar field
⦁ Participating in designing, procurement and execution of more than 70 Megawatt solar power plant in the country
⦁ Establishing Araz Silicon Industries Campus
⦁ Designing and commencing the establishment of silicon metal production comapny
⦁ First producer of silicon metal in the Middle East with the annual capacity of 40,000 tons
⦁ Developing Metal Silicon Production Factory
⦁ Developing silicon value chain including polysilicon, solar panel and solar power plant