Mohammad Morovati

Mohammad Morovati
Mohammad Morovati
Board of Directors
Scientific records

⦁ Rank 15 of the national entrance examination in 2001
⦁ Silver Medal of National Physics Olympiad
⦁ Postdoctoral researcher in economics at Stanford University, 2013-2016
⦁ PhD in Economics from the University of Texas (Austin), 2013
⦁ Master of Economics from the University of Texas (Austin), 2009
⦁ Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Sharif University, 2006
⦁ Active in the specialized fields of energy economics, finance, innovation
⦁ Faculty member of the Department of Economics, Khatam University, 2017-present
⦁ Lecturer, Financial Economics, Sharif University of Technology, Fall 2017
⦁ Lecturer, Mathematical Economics, University of Tehran, Fall 2017
⦁ Lecturer, Energy Economics, University of Texas (Austin), Fall 2013 (2013)
⦁ Lecturer, Applied Mathematics of Economics, University of Texas (Austin), Summer 2010
⦁ Managing Director, Tehran Advanced Research Institute, 1398 so far
⦁ Advisor to the Minister of Oil, 1395-1396
⦁ Advisor to the World Bank Group (International Finance Corporation), 2011
⦁ Leader of market research team, Iran Khodro Company, 2004-2005
⦁ Head of Rasana Student Group, Sharif University of Technology, 2004-2005
⦁ Vice President of Rasana Student Group, Sharif University of Technology, 2007-2008

Articles accepted in prestigious scientific research journals

⦁ “Real Options, Financial Constraints and Drilling Rigs Rental Rates,” (with Sheridan Titman), (Job Market Paper)
⦁ “The Stock Market Reaction of Energy Intensive Industries to Innovations in Expected Natural Gas Prices” 2013
⦁ “Structural Changes in the Relationship between Oil Prices and Real Economic Activity,” (with Sheridan Titman and Malcolm Wardlaw) 2010
Papers accepted at the conference:
⦁ “Understanding Risks in Islamic Finance” (with Jeff Strnad), 10th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance, Doha, Qatar, March 2015.
⦁ “Are Markups in Oil Market Caused by Exhaustibility or OPEC Market Power? An Empirical Test, ”Iran Economy Conference, UIUC, Urbana IL, Dec 2008
⦁ “Optimal Investment to Prevent Declining Oil Production, Case of Iran” HAND Economics Forum, Chicago IL, Oct 2010
Published books:
⦁ “Recognizing Silicon Valley”; Yahya Tabesh, Mohammad Morouti, Mohammad Akbarpour; Sharif University of Technology Publications; 1394